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Master Trainer Bootcamp

Off to California tomorrow for Beachbody's Master Trainer Newbie Bootcamp!!! That's right I am taking it to the next level and will soon be sharing my love for turbo kick even more!!! This weekend as much as I am so thankful and excited for will be a huge test for me. The weekend will be full of hard work and loads of information....And the body will be getting a beating with workouts and focusing on form and technique hours on end.....with that in mind I just want to say as ...much as you see the glow on an instructor or trainer's face, know there are hours of practicing, learning, screwing up behind the scenes you don't see. But in the end it was worth it!!!

“There has never been a meaningful life built on easy street.” ~ John Paul Warren

So with anything you are doing in life...If you’re looking for Easy Street you may never find it because you have to work to get there. It may seem like the Holy Grail of success but it would be pretty boring to just have everything be easy and then stay easy for all the rest of your days. Working hard gets you to where you want to be, and once you get there don’t be surprised if you want to keep working. It keeps your mind active and makes you feel good so don’t shy away from good old fashioned hard work when it comes to reaching your goals.

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