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Coconut: The Super Power Food

Whether you're eating the meat, drinking the juice, or consuming as oil, coconuts are delicious and nutritious.

Here are a few benefits from indulging on this amazing fruit:

Prevents Obesity

Coconuts can prevent obesity by speeding up the metabolism. Coconut oil can satisfy your hunger faster and keep you satisfied longer.

Reduces Inflammation

Due to the high levels of antioxidants present in coconuts, it has been found that they are more effective as an anti-inflammatory than over the counter medications. (1)

Cures UTI and Kidney Stones

Coconuts contain antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid, which can help fight against viruses and bacteria. Therefore, they can keep kidney disease patients from inflammation and infections. (2)

Prevents Heart Disease

Coconuts can improve the heart. Coconuts provide the Medium-Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) that are essential to good health. About 98% of all fatty acids consumed are composed of Long-Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA), which are very different from MCFA. The MCFA have no negative effect on cholesterol ratios and will produce less lipid production where the LCFA are hard to digest. (3)

Reduces the Sweet Tooth

Coconuts can reduce sweet cravings and improve insulin levels. The healthy fat in coconuts slows down the rise in blood sugar and helps reduce the hypoglycemic craving.

Improves Digestion

Coconuts improve digestion. It helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.

Energy Booster

Those Medium-Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) we discussed earlier are easily digestible and are sent straight to the liver and used as a source of fuel to produce energy.

Improves Antioxidant Levels

Coconut oil improves antioxidant levels and can slow aging. Coconut oil works by reducing stress on the liver and by lowering oxidative stress. (4)

Balances Hormones

Studies have found that coconut oil may be an excellent fat to consume during menopause and also may have positives effects on estrogen levels. (5)

Improves Skin and Hair Coconut oil can strengthen connective tissues and make your skin more flexible and wrinkle-free.

Coconut oil also has the ability to regenerate hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Improves Memory

Alzheimer patients lose the ability to create insulin, the ketones from coconut oil have been shown to create an alternate source of energy that helps repair brain function.(6)

There are so many more amazing benefits from consuming coconuts and coconut oil, these are just a few. Now it is time to stock up! Ensure you get Virgin Coconut Oil. Add it to your skillet, smoothies, and beauty regimes. COCONUT: the healthy, awesome super power food!

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