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Who am I....

My name is officially Kimberly Pierce Dobson!! I just got married to the love of my life, James Lloyd Dobson!!! We fuel each other! He makes me laugh, makes me cry and pushes me to be the best I can be every day. We live for the adrenaline and chase after the next big adventure. James fell in love with me after I made he jump out of a perfectly good plane!

I am all or nothing. I love to fish, hunt, scuba dive, and sky dive. I live for fitness, fashion and fishing! Anything to do with outdoors and the ocean I am all about.

To live an amazingly fast pace life I need to be at my best. I grew up active: a dancer, cheerleader, dance instructor and as currently fitness instructor.

My love for fitness has grown over the years. I have become so passionate about the members that show up each day and let me know just how much I have impacted their lives. From a smile on their face, to over 50 pound loss...I change lives. The feeling I get knowing the impact I have made, fuels me to do more! That is why I became a Virtual Reality Health and Fitness Coach in 2014. Not only do I touch the lives of the people that show up each day to my fitness class but I have touched hundreds of individuals through the internet! If we haven't meet I want to know you! Let me help you live the life you deserve and make your health a priority.

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